Animal lovers find reasons to rejoice after Hyatt fire evacuation

    Animal lovers find reasons to rejoice after Hyatt fire evacuation (KTUL)

    Red is the color of both emergency and passion -- each of which converged this afternoon at the downtown Hyatt.

    A fire broke out at the top of the stairs near the escalator and firefighters had one mission.

    Animal lovers in town for the Arabian horse association National Convention had another mission.

    When the evacuation order came, Cheryl McCally had one thought.

    "I’m going upstairs for my dog," she said.

    In an emergency, rules are rules, but Cheryl started to head to her room anyway. She didn't make it far.

    "A wonderful gentleman that works for Hyatt stopped me, and I said you can’t stop me I am going , I’m not going to let my dog die," McCally said.

    Meanwhile, also worried about another four legged creature, members of the Arabian Horse Association.

    "As we’re all evacuating the first thing everybody thought was grab Goldie," said one member.

    Arabian Horse members weren't about to allow one of their beloved fiberglass macot be overtaken by smoke.

    "Where is Goldie? Well I’m not sure cause he’s not where he got evacuated to. So we’re hoping they took him to the bank," said Julie Poor.

    Meanwhile Cheryl McCally was reunited with her dog Brittany, thanks to that Hyatt employee, who went went up and got her. And when she went to give him a reward.

    "He wouldn’t take it, I said take your reward. He said 'this is my job,' I said it wasn’t your job."

    As for the evacuation of that other animal. Goldie, the mascot of the Arabian Horse Association, was safe as well.

    "This says a lot about your passion for horses when there’s a fire and you say hold on, we’re not leaving Goldie. Let me tell you, we left our diamonds and our furs, we went and got Goldie," another member of the Arabian Horse Association said.

    All is well that ends well, fiberglass, or fur.

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