Animal welfare picks up dogs that attacked woman still recovering in hospital

Animal welfare picks up dogs that attacked woman still recovering in hospital (KTUL)

TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) -- A north Tulsa woman continues to recover after a vicious dog attack, and days later, those dogs are with Animal Welfare.

Each step is hard to take for Tammy Hart. Her arms and legs were mutilated by a pair a dogs.

“He has trained them to be vicious," said Hart.

Hart says she was visiting a friend off North Santa Fe Avenue on Friday when the dogs attacked her outside her car. Days later, she is still in the hospital.

“It took me to the bone; they ate the flesh off my arm. I have some open where they couldn’t sow it," said Hart.

Her injuries are too gruesome to completely show on television.

Her OU sweater is evidence of the ferocity and strength of the dogs.

“Thank God, it didn’t get my neck or my face or else I probably would have been dead," said Hart.

A day after the attack, we captured footage of the dogs behind their owner’s fence.

Hart says they sneaked through a hole in the fence to get to her. Those dogs are now at animal welfare where they are being checked for rabies. That’s protocol when an animal bites someone in city limits.

“Animals are simply unpredictable," said Animal Welfare manager Jean Letcher.

Letcher says the dogs are being quarantined for up to ten days.

After that, she says a report will be provided to a judge who will make a ruling on the fate of the dogs.

“If the owner still wants to retain possession, the court can then decide, yes, you can retain it with these restrictions, or that the animal needs to be euthanized," said Letcher.

Meanwhile, back in the hospital, “It’s been very hard on me," said Hart.

Doctors tell Hart she could be there for another week to undergo skin graphs and then to wound care for several months. It's a long journey she wishes she never had to start.

Hart claims animal welfare delayed sending anyone out to remove the dogs.

We asked animal welfare why it took until today. We’re told since Hart was undergoing surgery, she could not identify the dogs that did this to her, and since the dogs were back behind a fence, there was not an immediate safety threat to the community.

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