Apartment complex fire moved quickly, say residents

Dozens of firefighters tackled the blaze that ripped through several units of the Riverchase apartment complex. (Mummolo/KTUL)

Engulfed in smoke visible for miles, the fire that consumed one of the Riverchase Apartment complexes began as something barely noticeable.

"I just happened to look up, and there was a spark on the building," said Alexis Scott, who went to get help and was stunned at the speed at which it spread.

"I thought it was just small, just like something they could just put out right then and there, but as soon as within like, a matter of minutes, it just got bigger and heavier, smoke, everything," she said.

"And it was just up in flames," echoed resident Mary Ozment.

To battle the blaze, dozens of firefighters attacked with ladder trucks, axes, and from every corner on the ground.

"On scene right now, we have 14 fire suppression companies, which means engines and ladder companies," said Tulsa firefighter Andy Little.

Firefighters say 16 units were damaged or destroyed.

"Get out because there’s a fire!" said 9 year-old Kaden. That's what he and his family were told as the fire headed toward their apartment at the opposite end of the complex from where it started. Everyone got out safely.

"That’s replaceable; they’re not," said his mother Anna Lukert.

As for the firefighters, cool down protocol consisted of Gatorade, water and ice water soaked wraps for their necks.

"There are, were, several firefighters that overheated. I believe they’re being cared for right now," said Little.

The cause of it all is still under investigation.

"Nobody wants to come home to this," said Ozment.

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