Arts Alliance Tulsa launched

Arts Alliance Tulsa announced

A brand new organization launched today will restore funding in Tulsa's arts.

Arts Alliance Tulsa is a new endeavor that will "provide funding and audience development support for the community's cultural assets" and consists of about 15 to 20 employees.

During a press conference held at the Fly Loft on 117 N. Boston this morning, Phil Lakin, CEO of Tulsa Community Foundation, said "We hope that through the assistance of our marketing and communication programs and our employees, they are able to have more people become active in those things that you provide to our community."

Lakin first took a proposal to Tulsa Community Foundation's board last November and they agreed to oversee activities for AAT.

Lakin said the need for the Alliance has been discussed for at least 20 years.

"AAT will be of great value to so many people like me," said Lakin. "I don't know all the needs of our quality arts and cultural groups, but I know I want to support them, and make opportunities available to our kids and our adults, not only for observing, but also for performing. My wife and I will be among the first to contribute to AAT, and I know many others will join us and will watch AAT assist numerous nonprofits and individuals."

AAT will receive funds from individuals, corporations, and charitable foundations.

So far, 45 local non-profit arts organizations qualify to receive AAT funding.

The fundraising goal will be announced this coming December and in summer 2016, funds will be distributed to deserving applicants.

Grant applications are now available.

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