BA Ribcrib to donate half of sales Wednesday to family of murdered teacher

BA Ribcrib to donate half of sales Wednesday to family of murdered teacher (KTUL)

The Ribcrib restaurant in Broken Arrow will be donating 50 percent of all its sales Wednesday to the family of a Broken Arrow teacher who was murdered last month.

Ribcrib is hosting the event for the family of Shane Anderson, who was a teacher at Oneta Ridge Middle School before he was shot and killed during a home invasion Oct. 1. According to Ribcrib management, they hope to have $10,000 in sales on Nov. 8, which would mean $5,000 would go to his family.

"I think that could be significant for the family to help with expenses, losing a paycheck and losing a father, and the ripple effect of that," said Lisa Shaw, a Broken Arrow mother and lunch diner at Rib Crib.

The fundraiser is one of many the community has held to benefit Anderson's family. If barbecue isn't your thing, the Chili's Bar and Grill in Broken Arrow is donating 15 percent of its sales Thursday to Anderson's family.

A spokesman for the school district says they're grateful for the support.

"One of the things about Broken Arrow is that we're a family. Everyone says that, but it's true, said Charlie Hannema with Broken Arrow Schools. "You look around here and see all the people who have come out to support Mr. Anderson's family.// We have Mr. Anderson's family for life. If they need something, we're here. Somebody in our district is here to help, That's not just for their family, that's for any family in the district. That's what we do here is step up and help."

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