Bartlesville closes school again Monday for teacher walk out; parents voice their concerns

Bartlesville closes school again Monday for teacher walk out; parents voice their concerns (KTUL)

BARTLESVILLE, Okla. (KTUL) – The Bartlesville Public Schools district is one of many closing their doors again on Monday after meeting with the community Friday.

Traci Bottoroff just got back in town with her two kids Kale and Katen after a week at the Capitol to make it to this special meeting.

She said she doesn’t care how much time off the district uses for this walkout.

“This is for my children, so it’s not going to inconvenience me,” Bottoroff said.

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Jeffrey Romines said he isn’t happy about the walkout, not because he doesn’t support teachers, but because of the deadlines on state lawmakers.

“My son is in the third grade,” he said. “My father-in-law was a teacher. Hurried legislation is rarely good legislation. What I’m worried about is they are forcing legislation to make hurried legislation that we will regret later.”

Romines said there needs to be more discussion.

“It shortchanges debate,” he said. “There’s no chance for social services, corrections, these other important agencies, to make their case. By putting pressure on the legislature to act quickly without that kind of debate, the risk you run is the additional revenue streams all go into one bucket and the others remain underfunded.”

At the end of the day, Bottoroff said she is here for the long haul, no matter when or how the money is sorted out as long as it funds education.

“That’s what it all boils down to is that we are here trying to better our children’s education and that’s what is in my heart as a teacher and that is what is in my heart as a parent,” she said. “My children deserve better.”

Depending on how long the walkout lasts, Bartlesville’s superintendent said they will make up those days after Memorial Day.

The school board said they will meet again next week if the walkout looks like it will continue after 10 days.

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