Beatification mass of Father Stanley Rother

The Beatification Mass of Father Stanley Rother. (courtesy Sooner Catholic) 

They bowed in reverence to the cross that contains a relic of Father Stanley Rother which provided a moment of intimacy in a packed convention center, filled with faithful followers and a sea of clergy with nearly 300 priests, 200 brothers and sisters and over 50 cardinals and bishops, including the archbishop of Oklahoma City, Rev. Paul Coakley.

"It's quite an extraordinary event, it's a historic event," he said.

Although Rev. Coakley never met Father Rother, he says, he's long had an influence on his life.

"I was in seminary at the time of his death, we attended the same seminary, so I learned of his death when I was a young seminary student, and it moved me profoundly. His example, his courage, his witness, and he's always been an inspiration to me," Rev. Coakley said.

Father Rother's sister, Marita Rother, is a sister in the religious sense as well, and gave the first reading of the mass. Her thoughts on what her brother would think about all the excitement.

"'Really, you want to know? What's all this about? Just calm down people, calm down,' that's what he would say," she said.

But don't try telling that to the ladies who traveled here from Peru, or the young ladies from Mexico who currently live in Tulsa.

"It was the first time, we never been to a beatification before," they said excitedly.

The next phase of the process is the search for a miracle that can be attributed to Father Rother.

"In order for him to become St. Stanley Rother we will need to have a miracle verified that has come through his intersession," said Rev. Coakley.

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