Students missing class after bed bugs found at Sand Springs school

    Students missing class after bed bugs found at Sand Springs school (KTUL)

    Nineteen-year-old Melinda Johnson has been trying to turn her life around. The former drop-out is now back in school and is a senior at Page Academy in Sand Springs.

    "And she came back into my life, probably about a year ago," said Melinda's cousin, Ashley Tabor.

    Tabor took Melinda in after some hard times.

    Melinda is a top student at her school, working on perfect attendance, until Wednesday.

    "I'm trying really hard to maintain that, and for this issue not to have been addressed sooner, really sucks," said Melinda.

    She's talking about the bed bugs school officials said they found inside the school.

    Until Ashley knows the problem is fixed, she's keeping Melinda home from school.

    "And from my understanding, bed bugs travel easily and quickly," said Ashley.

    In a statement, school officials said two bed bugs were found on Tuesday. Ashley said the school told the students about it on Wednesday.

    "And it's terrifying that we didn't know sooner," said Ashley.

    In the same statement, school officials say only two bugs were found, and they were isolated to one room.

    Both Ashley and Melinda disagree.

    "Yeah, it's not just one location," said Melinda.

    "One teacher claimed that he'd found a bed bug crawling on his desk," said Ashley. "One teacher, as of today, apparently found a bug, placed it on a piece of tape, then took it to the principal."

    Both Melinda and Ashley say they love Page Academy. They just hope the problem is fixed soon, so they can get back to life and get back to school.

    This is the complete statement from Sand Springs Public Schools:

    On Tuesday two dead bed bugs were found at Page Academy. The bugs were isolated to one room in the building. A professional exterminator sprayed the building last evening. The affected room will not be utilized until after the building is sprayed again this weekend.
    Also, the district is also working with the student and their family to prevent any further issues.

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