Beggs mounts comeback to beat Sperry in emotional game

Beggs mounts comeback to beat Sperry in emotional game (KTUL)

High school football can bring entire communities together each and every Friday night.

But, nights like tonight are different for the folks in Beggs.

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Players breaking down in tears, mourning the murder of one of their star running backs on Thursday.

It was eerily silent as the sun set and the lights shined over the Beggs football field.

The stands were packed and ready for the biggest game of the year, and fans and their team were without one of its best players.

The numbers on the scoreboard didn’t matter.

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The only number that mattered was the one on the backs of the helmets of both teams and the shirts of the fans.

Everything came up 27, the number senior Kayson Toliver wore, propelling the demons to an 8-1 record.

It was the yard line where they held the coin toss. Hugs from Sperry with flowers scattered over what was transformed into more than just a hash mark.

Players pointed to the sky after every big play to their fallen brother.

Beggs started slow in this one, but they really picked it up in the second half.

After falling behind early, Beggs scored 35 unanswered points to win it 35-21.

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