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Bills aiming to limit abortion passed OK Senate committee

Bills aiming to limit abortion passed OK Senate Committee
Bills aiming to limit abortion passed OK Senate Committee
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In keeping up with the state Capitol, it was a big day for pro-life supporters as several bills aimed at limiting abortion passed the Oklahoma Senate Health and Human Services Committee.

Five bills passed committee Wednesday that would limit abortion in the state of Oklahoma.

Similar bills are proposed annually, which every year are hit with a lawsuit putting the bill's constitutionality in question and the state supreme court ruling against them.

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Some senators were concerned about the cost of this yearly legal cycle, others holding signs outside the meeting room today, felt the bills didn't go far enough.

"All of them regardless of the other bills that they passed the other claims that they made they kept abortion legal in the state of Oklahoma," said pro-life supporter.

This was after SB 495, which would completely ban abortion in the state, failed 0-10.

"We saw your vote that was Senator Garvin we saw her vote trust me," said Woody Hill, pro-life supporter.

But SB612 that would prohibit abortion, other than to save the life of the mother, did pass along party lines 7 to 3.

There would also be a fine of $100,000 for those who do get an abortion and potential prison time with a felony conviction under this bill.

"My ultimate goal is to save lives of the unborn and I believe this bill has the possibility to do that ," said State Sen. Nathan Dahm, (R) OK Senate District 33.

Of the three dissenting votes, included State Senator George Young.

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"I do know a lot of folk you believe in having choice having the choice to do what they believe is right for their lives," said State Sen. George Young, (D) OK Senate District 48.

But how does the state pay for bills that will ultimately see litigation?

"That's one reason we have the attorney general's office is to defend the state of Oklahoma anytime the state is sued. There's also several pro life organizations and different lawyers and legal groups that have offered their services pro bono for no cost to the state," said Sen. Dahm.

All five abortion related bills that passed committee today will now go to the senate floor.

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That group of pro life supporters tells us they'll be back at the capitol next Tuesday to rally for their cause.

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