Bixby principal disturbed by social media trend

Bixby principal discovers disturbing online trend (KTUL)

Principal Brenda Shaw from Bixby Central Intermediate spent some time researching online recently, and she didn't like what she found.

"They don't understand the seriousness of this," said Shaw.

More than a dozen social network sites, pairing random students, and asking others if they would make a good couple.

"I noticed them for all the schools in our district, and I noticed them for shools in other districts as well," said Shaw.

Some of the students she recognized, and others she'd never met.

"Some of these are not just my kids. It looks like there are other intermediate kids too," said Shaw.

She said what may seem innocent could have a lasting impact.

"For instance, someone here commented, gross. And I don't know who that person is," said Shaw.

She discovered many of the students featured on these sites aren't always in on the joke.

"In many cases, they didn't have a clue they were being put on there, nor did they even know they were on there," said Shaw.

As for who created the sites, Shaw says that information isn't always easy to find.

"Could be someone from our school. Maybe not," said Shaw.

And kids aren't the only people following these sites.

"Adults," said Shaw. "Male adults who are older."

It's scary, because she doesn't know who's watching.

"They have these kids' pictures. They know what school they go to, they know what district," said Shaw.

During her research at the school, she reached out to several people on those sites. Since then, she's gone back and realized some of those sites have been deactivated.

But she was quickly disappointed when she found even more sites had already popped up.

Shaw posted a note about the sites on her school's web page.

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