Bixby residents score victory in battle against Wind Catcher

PSO has agreed to use their existing right-of-ways for project Wind Catcher, ending a battle with unhappy property owners. (Mummolo/KTUL)

When we met her just over a week ago on her beautiful ranch in Bixby, Lonni St. John was in tears.

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"We’ve worked for twenty years to piece this property together," she said.

The future plans for her property in jeopardy with word that a massive power-line would soon tower above 3/4 of a mile of her land.

"It will devalue my property, it will devalue everybody's property that's involved," she said.

Out front, protest signs in full campaign mode. A campaign that amazingly pulled off an upset.

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"It's a big victory tonight for Bixby," she said.

PSO president Stuart Solomon unveiling a compromise in a presentation to the city council. Build the new Wind Catcher line using only their existing right of ways, rebuilding old towers with new ones, and no new land needed for the project.

"Our engineers were able to come up with this solution that is really going to be an ideal solution for the city of Bixby and Bixby area residents," said Solomon.

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"We dug in, we defended our homes," said Maurice Storm, another driving force behind the Bixby resistance.

"It's a pretty big deal, I’ll probably feel happier about it, I’m a little in shock myself," he said.

And as for Lonnie St. John...

"This means I can start building and moving back out there just like I had planned and it means I get to be with my grandkids," she said.

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