Bixby community weighs in on search for new superintendent

The Bixby School Board is seeking public input on qualities they'd like to see in the next superintendent. (KTUL)

The Bixby School Board is seeking community input as part of the search process for a new superintedent.

An online survey will gather public input.

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It was blue skies over Bixby High School on Sunday, but there's still a fog over the entire school district.

"Just a lot of confusion with everything that's been going on," said parent Kasey Snethe.

A superintendent gone, and grand jury needing more time to look into a scandal.

"I mean, it's affected our whole town," said Pam Brickey.

At Bently Park, reflections on how everything that's happened has impacted the community.

"I think it probably just makes people want to drive for change and probably speak out louder about what's important to them and what's important to families," said parent Julie McKowen.

To that end, the school board is soliciting input on the qualities folks would like to see in the next superintendent.

"Somebody that's going to take care of our schools and our kids," said Brickley. "Somebody that's going to have our kids in mind first."

"Kindness, obviously caring about children," said McKowen.

"Somebody who's caring about the community and definitely the kids," said Snethe.

In the meantime, until there's resolution with current affairs, the fog remains.

"Some people say, 'Yeah its a cover-up and that's why they're not doing anything,' other people are saying, 'Well the boys didn't do anything,'" said Brickey.

According to the school district, "An online survey will be available Jan. 29-Feb. 9 so parents, school employees and other community members can share what qualities they believe are important in the next superintendent. The survey will be posted on the school district’s website."

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