Bixby School Board: Not enough information to act on sexual assault investigation

Bixby school board members called their meeting to order and promptly adjourned into executive session to privately discuss the sexual assault investigation involving several football players. (KTUL)

BIXBY, Okla. (KTUL) -- The Bixby School Board says they do not have enough information to take action on a sexual assault investigation into a group of students.

The board met Thursday night to address sexual assault allegations involving several members of the football team. Board members called the meeting to order at 6 p.m. and promptly adjourned into executive session minutes later to discuss the investigation privately.

Tulsa's Channel 8 was live when the School Board reconvened after three hours with new updates on the sexual assault investigation. School Board President Ron Schnare said after reviewing new information on the investigation, the board does not feel there is enough information to take action at this time.

Tulsa's Channel 8's Maureen Wurtz spoke to Sandra Givens with Save Our Youth, a community group that stands up for children of sexual abuse, about what she expects out of the school board meeting.

Thursday's meeting comes exactly three weeks after the board first discussed the sexual assault investigation.

According to an affidavit released earlier this week, the 16-year-old victim told investigators four teammates held him down while a fourth penetrated him with a pool cue and a fifth recorded the assault with a cellphone. There were also reportedly other members of the team in the room who laughed and blocked the door.

According to the affidavit, the assault took place at the home of Bixby Public Schools Superintendent Kyle Wood, though it's not clear if he was home at the time.

In addition to Wood, three other top administrators are being investigated for failing to report child sexual abuse, according to the affidavit. High School Principal Terry Adams, Athletic Director Jay Bittle and Head Football Coach Loren Montgomery are all named in the affidavit. Investigators have confiscated their cellphones and other records as well as the cellphones of four unnamed students.

With a growing number of questions from the public, board members were expected to answer why the school delayed reporting the sexual assault to police and if any administrators will face disciplinary action.

The meeting also comes a day before the Bixby football team is scheduled to play in a state championship game against Booker T. Washington.

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