Bixby schools looking at changing school start times, wants your opinion

    Bixby schools looking at changing school start times, wants your opinion (KTUL)

    BIXBY, Okla. (KTUL) -- A new school year could mean a new wake-up time for Bixby students.

    The district is looking at starting the elementary schools an hour earlier and the middle and high schools an hour later.

    It is all about routine during the school year, and Bixby schools is looking at changing up that routine starting next year.

    "I think it will be easier for the younger kids to adapt to the earlier time," Joshua White said.

    "I know my older kids would like to sleep in a bit," Liz Rahal said.

    But like many other families, Rahal not only has high school students, she has an elementary student to figure out, too.

    "I am not really crazy about him standing out in the winter time when it is still dark outside at 6:30 in the morning to wait for a bus," Rahal said.

    Bixby Superintendent Rob Miller says transportation is one of the biggest issues with the current start time.

    "Our campuses aren't on the same schedule," Miller said.

    The school has to run two bus schedules.

    "We talk about a teacher shortage, there is also an equal shortage of transportation bus drivers," Miller said.

    He says that's caused students to be late to class and get home late from school.

    "I feel like the school needs to figure out their transportation needs," Heather Taubel said.

    Taubel wants them to do that without affecting parents and students, especially elementary students.

    "I feel like kids will be left at home by themselves or parents will have to pay for child care they can't afford," she said.

    Parents have until the 31st to submit their opinions on the time change.

    Miller says good or bad, they want to hear what you think.

    "Do we want to make a decision now, or is this something that requires further study to make sure we are doing this the right way, or is it something we do but it is something we have to plan for, some of those very real implications," Miller said.

    The school board will vote in the next month or two.

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