Bloomberg in Tulsa for art grant, talks potential run for presidency

Bloomberg in Tulsa for art grant, talks potential run for presidency

A big announcement calls for a big crowd, especially when it's coming from a big name.

"Bloomberg Philanthropies has been happy to support Tulsa's efforts," said former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg

The Greenwood Cultural Center was arguably the busiest it's ever been on Thursday because Bloomberg was in town. Through the Bloomberg Philanthropies Public Art Challenge, Tulsa's Greenwood Art Program received $1 million. It's money designed to celebrate Black Wall Street and its rich history through public art.

"Public art adds a new energy and life to a city," said Bloomberg. "It connects people, and it provokes conversation and debate, and it inspires action."

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Bloomberg has kept busy over the years through his foundation. Since 2017, he's given over $700 million to organizations that focus on art, education, environment, government innovation, and public health.

One idea he's been toying around with recently is a run for president in 2020.

"I think it's fair to say you can expect me to run happily as a Democrat and present myself to the Democratic Party," said Bloomberg.

Nothing is set in stone, but he says he plans to make a final decision next month.

"I would be self funded if I ran, and so, there's not a rush to raise money," said Bloomberg.

He adds that bringing people together is crucial now more than ever. Through his foundation, and maybe a potential run for presidency, he plans to continue that mission.

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