Blue Zones promote longer life

Blue Zones promote longer life (KTUL)

He's traveled the world...

"This is ground zero for longevity," said Blue Zone official Tony Buettner.

Cataloging common traits of healthy living...

"They're working in their gardens," he said.

In the search for the secrets of a long life.

"And we know this affords an additional 4 to 6 years of extra longevity," he said.

And now Tony Buettner is implementing those discoveries in America.

"We're active in 9 states and over 30 communities around the country," he said.

They're called Blue Zones, a community wide initiative to live healthier. Think PlaniTulsa for your heart.

"Lower obesity rates and tobacco and get people moving more and living longer better," he said.

Already on board with the get healthy mentality...

"We're trying to get people into more of a plant based, active lifestyle," said Bill Coles. At his company they're starting to see results.

"And we're seeing healthy folks who are more active who have fewer sick days and things like that," he said.

Is Tulsa ready to become a Blue Zone?

"You saw a room full of people here and a collective response is out first step towards action," said Bruce Dart of the Health Department. He says community discussions are needed to see if we're ready. But if no changes are made...

"If we don't make change as a community, people's children people's grandchildren will not outlive them. Their life expectancies will be lower," he said.

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