Body camera footage shows officer being injured after firing weapon at charging dog

Body camera footage shows the moments an officer was injured while defending himself against a charging dog April 13 in Oklahoma City. (Oklahoma City Police Department)

Body camera footage shows the moment an Oklahoma City officer was injured after being charged by a dog.

The Oklahoma City Police Department has released footage of the April 13 incident. Just before 2:30 p.m. an officer responded to a "trouble unknown" call at 1517 SW Grand Boulevard.

The officer can be seen on camera knocking on the door of the home and then walking back to his patrol car. While en-route to the car, a dog charges at the officer, forcing the man to fire several rounds at the animal.

As the officer fires, he back peddles off of a curb and falls to the road. The officer was transported from the scene with minor injuries.

"The video, when you see this happen, underscores just how quickly events like this transpire or how quickly they unfold," Oklahoma City Police Department Msgt. Gary Knight said. "The officer had almost no time at all to quickly defend himself."

Police said they tried to contact the homeowner but she then shut the door on them.

Animal Welfare eventually found the dog underneath the house still alive but couldn't take it into custody because it could possibly attack again.

"Thankfully the officer is fine and very thankfully he wasn't mauled by this dog," Knight said.

There haven't been any charges in this case, but Oklahoma City does have laws on dogs getting loose from property.

There is an ordinance called "confinement of dogs" that requires dog owners to have a fence or enclosure for a dog to prevent them from escaping.

There is also a menacing or dangerous dogs ordinance in the city. City ordinance states any dogs acting this way shall be impounded.

No one has been charged in connection to the incident.

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