Family says man missing since last week was found dead in rural Cherokee County

Authorities say the body was found in the area of Rocky Ford State Park near Tahlequah. (KTUL)

An investigation is underway in Cherokee County after a body was found in a creek bed.

Family members say the body of 23-year-old Lucas Ashlock was found around 10 a.m. Tuesday near the town of Leach.

“You know I’m so thankful that they found him, but not the way I wanted them to find him," said Renee Cochran, Ashlock's cousin.

Ashlock has been missing since last Tuesday. Deputies haven’t said if there was any foul play, but Cochran thinks someone killed her cousin.

“And my family will push it to the furthest that they can push it," said Cochran.

Ashlock’s roommates say he went out to a friends house last Tuesday and never came home.

“Wednesday morning the people he was with had messaged all of us asking us if he had made it home, that’s when it really threw up red flags towards us that he was gone," said Flora Yellowcloud.

They say Ashlock may have been drunk when he left and could have fallen in the creek.

“It’s not like him to not message us or get a hold of any of us," said Yellowcloud.

Family members say Ashlock lost his dad years ago and Cochran’s brother went missing in 2014, which is why the discovery was especially difficult for the family.

“I want more done, I want more investigated. I don’t want this pushed off to the side like my brothers," said Cochran.

Deputies have interviewed several people in connection with Ashlock’s missing persons case, but no arrests have been made.

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