Broken Arrow church missions-work threatened after stolen firewood

Broken Arrow church missions-work threatened after stolen firewood (KTUL)

About eight years ago, the people at Cedar Ridge Christian Church in Broken Arrow started selling firewood as a clever way to raise money; however, around 30 ricks of wood were stolen from their off-site Bixby location costing them about $2,000.

"Because it's something that, in Oklahoma, we need every year," said Jacob Long with Cedar Ridge.

Long said the plan worked, and the money started coming in.

"I'd say about $15,000 a year," said Long.

They call the project 'Impact Firewood,' and the money they make from selling this wood is used for missions work and to help people in need, around the country, even overseas.

"We've been to India; we've been to Africa. Students are able to go and share Jesus, because of the money they have to support them," said Long.

They store the wood at an off-site location in Bixby.

"A guy was witnessed taking some of our firewood," said Long.

Around thirty ricks of wood were stolen, and by Long's account, that adds up to more than $2,000.

"That's a lot of money that could go to our student ministry," said Long.

Whoever did this, almost made a clean break, until he was nearly off the property with all that firewood.

That's when Rick Brown, who works there, just happened to show up.

"I saw a white, Chevy pickup," said Brown.

Brown said the truck was loaded down with firewood.

When Brown asked the driver what he was doing with the wood, his answer didn't seem suspicious.

"He said that it was OK. One of the guys that works here said it was OK, and he already knew about it," said Brown.

Brown decided to take down the license plate number, just in case. Now, he's glad he did and hopes it will help police.

We reached out to the Bixby Police for an update on the case, but so far, they have not responded.

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