Broken Arrow High School responds quickly following threat

    Broken Arrow high school responded quickly to a threat of violence found in the bathroom. (Clemmer/KTUL)<p>{/p}

    It was discovered by some students on a trip to the restroom.

    "These couple of kids were talking about how they went to the bathroom and they saw, like, this writing on the wall," said student Jennifer Johnson.

    "It was a possible shooting threat," said Charlie Hannema, Director of Public Relations for Broken Arrow Public Schools.

    It's an incident, for which these days, there's a protocol.

    "OK, let's look at some video; let's investigate. Let's find out if anybody else, who reported this? Let's talk to them. Let's figure all this out," he said.

    "We do everything we can to jump all over threats," said Officer James Koch of the Broken Arrow Police Department, joining the rapid response to get to the bottom of things.

    "Within, I'd comfortably say a few hours, we had the student responsible in a conference room being questioned by our security team. BA police was up here immediately," said Hannema.

    "That student, who is actually an adult, was placed under arrest and taken to jail on a complaint of threatening a violent act," said Koch.

    "Oh, my goodness," said parent Christy Johnson, picking up her daughter Jennifer, who posed a very important question.

    "OK, so should I go to school or should I not go to school?" she said; which brings us to a very important topic -- "How do we determine a threat's credible or not?" said Hannema.

    To do that, authorities try to answer two key questions.

    "Is there a means to carry out this threat? Is there a plan to carry out this threat?" said Koch.

    In this instance, they determined the answers to both of those was no.

    "They won't be at school tomorrow, I can tell you that," said Hannema.

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