Broken Arrow to change high school configuration with career plans

Broken Arrow to change high school configuration with career plans (KTUL)

Broken Arrow Public Schools are changing their high school curriculum, to reduce overcrowding and to enhance student’s success. Right now the high school has 3700 students, projected to be officially overcrowded in 10 years.

“We know we have a large high school. The growth projections fluctuate all over the place. Sometimes we are exploding all over the place sometimes it levels off. But we know we are pretty landlocked over there. So in the future if we get another surplus of kids we don’t have room to build more buildings and we definitely don’t have room to build more parking spots for their cars,” explained District Spokesperson, Charlie Hannema.

Citizens previously rejected the idea of turning the freshman academy into a second high school. This time vision task force made up of mostly education professionals came up with the exact plan that has three recommendations the school board approved.

The three-part proposal includes career pathways, introducing students to their interests and courses of studies, including internships and partnerships with local companies.

The second part is early college, a comprehensive plan that would allow students to attend TCC, and graduate high school with an associate’s degree, at little or no cost to parents.

The third recommendation is an Innovation Center which would provide specialized courses to meet career pathway programs. The innovation center is going to cost around 21 million dollars, paid for with 2015 bond money.

Tammy McCartney feels the innovation or STEM center will help her son, who is now in third grade.

“He wants to build a homeless store, that is portable, so that people can go there and shop for free. So that is his plan. I see him at the STEM academy solving real world problems.

The STEM center will be built to open in school year 21-22.

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