Broken Arrow woman wakes up to wild animal sitting on her fence

Broken Arrow woman wakes up to wild animal sitting on her fence (KTUL)

BROKEN ARROW, Okla. (KTUL) -- A Broken Arrow woman woke up Monday morning to find a wild animal sitting on her fence.

In a residential area, you expect to see signs like "Beware of Dog," but Lindsey Jarvis may put up new signs up in the neighborhood now.

"I saw a big hawk fly down and land on my fence," she said.

That's when she got up to look outside.

"I don't see a bird anymore, I see a cat," Jarvis said.

But not a cat you'd see in a neighborhood.

"It jumps on the fence and I know it isn't a house cat because its little tail was weird and its little ears were weird and I am like, 'Oh my gosh,'" Jarvis said.

She saw a bobcat.

"Thirty pounds maybe," Jarvis said.

She lives in a fairly new Broken Arrow neighborhood near 131st and Olive.

Jarvis said she thinks all the new construction may be pushing these big cats out of their homes.

"I think it is sad because we are taking their home, but you know progress won't stop," she said.

Jarvis posted her pictures to a neighborhood app and many people agreed with what she said.

"They are beautiful and they are cool to see, but not close to home where they could possibly hurt something or a pet or a small kid," she said.

If you see a wild animal in your neighborhood, report it with the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation. You may be able to have it removed by a licensed nuisance wildlife control operator.

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