Cafe Yum in Grove burns after two months of business

Courtesy of Rick Bronson

GROVE, Okla. (KTUL) -- Cafe Yum forced to shut its doors less than two months after opening when a fire took over the building Monday night.

The fire at the cafe last night blazed for hours, and at some point, the flames shot nearly 20-feet into the sky.

"They fought this thing for probably five hours that they poured the water in," owner Aaron Hyer said.

Hyer stood watching the thick smoke and flames engulf his restaurant.

"We were standing out here for five hours in 30-degree weather just watching it burn down," Hyer said.

Hyer says something in the attic kept reigniting the flames. He says his own friends, the very firefighters working to extinguish the fire, almost didn't make it out.

"They knew the building because they are a couple firemen that come in every day and support us," Hyer said. "They knew the layout which probably helped out; they are just good guys."

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

"I sank my retirement into this, and now, I am finding out I don't have enough insurance to cover everything I had in there," Hyer said.

A heartbreaking reality for Hyer, the community and the building owner.

"Heartsick, stomach sick and the first thing I thought was, 'I hope everyone is OK,' and the first question I asked was, 'Is everyone out of the building?" building owner Teresa Landreth said.

Landreth is hoping this building, that's over 100-years-old, can make a comeback for Grove.

"We'll have to see what insurance says and where we go from here, but as you can see, I believe the building is a total loss," Landreth said.

Many in the community are hoping for a miracle.

"They just made you feel good and so accommodating to everybody; you would never feel you weren't welcome," Hollie Mathia said.

That friendly customer service had people coming back time and again.

"It had a very inviting and friendly feeling," Kaylea Hutson-Miller with the Grove Sun said. "It was just the place to go."

The owners will meet with their insurance company before making any final decisions.

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