Cannabis-family product helping thousands deal with pain

There are creams and oils and tinctures and sweet treats for a variety of ailments (KTUL).

There’s a new product thousands of people across the country are turning to instead of prescription -- medication made from hemp. And now you can get it right here in Tulsa.

Governor Mary Fallin passed Katie’s Law in 2015 allowing people to use cannabidiol to help treat seizures in children. Now, shops are popping up with hopes that they can help a variety of other ailments.

His hands are wrinkled and hers are spotted with age. Tony and Barbara Booth learned about CBD and its benefits just a few weeks ago.

“I’m having a lot of problems with my back,” says Tony, a retired Marine. “I’m 85 years old. My back is pretty well shot.”

“It’s so hard for me to walk,” Barbara says, sitting on her walker. “I can walk a little, but I need my trusty friend to help me along.”

There are creams and oils and tinctures and sweet treats for a variety of ailments.

“I never would have dreamed that I would be taking a cannabis-type of medication,” Tony says with a wry smile.

“I ran into another gentleman that had Parkinson’s,” says Matthew Boyd, owner of American Shaman on Mingo. “We let him try it, and within six to seven minutes, he had literally no shaking.”

“I’ve had sciatic nerve [pain],” Barbara says. “And I had that for a couple of days and it was getting really bad. I woke up one morning and noticed my pain is gone.”

Tony knows what he’s talking about. He was a pharmacist for 54 years before retiring.

“I always carry a pain level of about 8,” he says of his back pain. “And I think its brought it down to at least a 5.”

Barbara says she’s regaining her freedom at their home in Miami.

“I can get around better,” she says. “Naturally, when you don’t have that sciatic nerve pain you can get around better.”

If you're interested in learning more about the items sold at Boyd's store, call American Shaman at 918-938-0718. The store is located at 5455 South Mingo Road.

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