Carrie Underwood's mom talks about the 'American Idol' experience

Carrie Underwood won "American Idol" back in 2005 and her mom recalls every moment before and after she became famous. (KTUL)

Carrie Underwood won "American Idol" back in 2005 and her mom recalls every moment before and after she became famous.

After years of travel, competitions and auditions, Carrie Underwood's family came up with an alternate plan, just in case.

"We decided that, you know if nothing happens, where your singing is concerned, by the time you graduate from college then you can get a real job, you know," said Carole Underwood, Carrie's mother.

Carrie moved from Checotah to Tahlequah and began working on her degree at Northeastern State University. Then one day, she called her mom with an idea.

"I think she had one more semester to go and she said, 'Mama they are having American Idol tryouts in St. Louis and that's the closest place and it's this weekend,'" Carole said.

So they drove through the night and changed clothes at a gas station before getting in line for the cattle call auditions.

"When it came her time to step up there she said, 'I'm not gonna sing that song. I'm gonna sing a country music song,'" Carole said.

And it worked. Soon they were heading to Los Angeles.

"There were all kinds of people on the sidewalks and we met Jesus Christ out there," Carole said. "I think [Carrie] was nervous because it was just completely out of whatever she had been used to."

But the judges weren't always kind.

"They had Simon Cowel who you know was meant to be an abrasive person to tell you just how it is, and that was good and that was a good thing, but you always wonder, 'Ohhh what's he gonna say about my kid tonight,'" Carole said.

Plus there were two nights a week that made this mom cringe.

"I learned to dread Tuesdays and hate Wednesdays because Tuesdays were the performance nights and Wednesdays were the vote off nights," Carole said.

Then eventually all the stress and long nights paid off.

"It was amazing the night that [Carrie] won, absolutely amazing and you know, then it was kind of like now what," Carole said. "Now what do we do, but it was a well-oiled machine by that time. They had everything laid in place to say this is what you gotta do next and this is what you gotta do next."

And the rest, as they say, is history.

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