Catoosa police catch would-be kidnapper in Walmart parking lot

    Travis Reid Wilson (Courtesy of the Catoosa Police Department)

    Police in Catoosa say they caught a kidnapper minutes before he got away in a Walmart parking lot.

    The woman had just finished shopping and was getting back into her car, when police say the would-be kidnapper, 47-year-old Travis Reid Wilson, jumped into the passenger seat and pulled out a Taser.

    Fortunately for her, these two Catoosa police officers, Brad James and Cody Workman, just happened to be there, too.

    "They had a lady flag them down who said there was a guy out there acting really suspicious. He was walking around a car, laying down. Walking around it several times, and she thought that was odd."

    Brent Colbert with the Catoosa Police Department says James and Workman started searching the parking lot when they heard the sound of a Taser and a woman screaming, when they jumped into action.

    Colbert says Wilson resisted, so they pulled out Tasers of their own.

    Next to the victim's car, Colbert says they found a bag filled with Zip Ties, rope, tape and a flashlight.

    He says Wilson also had hand-made Zip Tie handcuffs on him at the time of his arrest, and even more frightening, next to the victim's car, sat two full gas cans.

    "We don't know if he was trying to burn her, burn the car, burn evidence, but he had two full gas cans full of gas."

    Police say Wilson had been stalking the woman for some time.

    "She slept in her friend's basement for the last two months, because he's continuously stalked her. And for us to be there at the right place at the right time. I told her she can sleep well tonight, and hopefully, he will stay locked up."

    "We were just looking for somebody we thought was just doing car burglaries, and we ended up catching a kidnapper and a possible rapist," Colbert said.

    Police say Wilson has admitted to trying to kidnap the woman.

    Wilson is facing domestic assault and battery, kidnapping and conspiracy to commit a felony charges.

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