Catoosa Public Schools sports tournaments could get canceled if teachers walk out

Catoosa sports tournaments could get canceled if teachers walk out (KTUL)

As the Catoosa High School, girls practiced Tuesday afternoon for their next tournament, but they had to wonder if that tournament will even take place.

"You can't just reschedule a golf tournament," said Catoosa High School Activities Director Tony Martray.

Martray said a teacher walkout in April could mean no tournaments in any sport.

"Yeah, we'll play it by ear for the next couple of days," said Martray.

They'll listen mostly to other schools.

With a calendar full of matches, Martray has a lot of questions to be answered.

"Can we continue to play? Do we stop the games? Do we not play the games? Can they be rescheduled? Rescheduling is very difficult this time of year," said Martray. To get answers, he needs to call the other schools on the list and find out what they plan to do.

If they plan to cancel games, Catoosa won't have anyone to play.

Despite the cancellations, some coaches plan to walk out with the teachers.

"The coaches here, whatever our administration wants us to do, whatever our teacher's union wants us to do, we'll do it," said Martray.

The students may suffer, but Matray said they're all in as much as the teachers.

"Kids are resilient. They understand," said Martray. "The ones that I've talked to, they're all in favor of what's going on."

Matray said the situation is tense for everyone involved.

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