Catoosa students, other Oklahoma schools in session on MLK Day

    Catoosa public schools, as well as a handful or two of others across the state were in session for Martin Luther King Jr day. (KTUL)

    CATOOSA, Okla. (KTUL) -- Most students had the holiday off, but for some districts across the state, that's not the case.

    Flags were flying and teachers were teaching in Catoosa.

    “If you don’t say anything, nothing changes,” Dustin Duvall said.

    Thousands marched to honor Martin Luther King Jr.

    The big question, should feet be on the streets? Or in the classroom?

    “If we are going to observe president’s day or anything like this, we should observe Martin Luther King Day,” Catoosa parent Miracle Sams said.

    Catoosa Public Schools, as well as a handful or two of others across the state, were in session for Martin Luther King Jr day.

    Miracle Sams had a split house, one kid at Broken Arrow and her other kids at Catoosa.

    “Why is Catoosa going to school but Broken Arrow isn’t,” she asked.

    Sams says Catoosa schools are on a four day week because of budget cuts.

    “Maybe it was academically necessary?” she said.

    “If it were Halloween or valentine’s day where everybody goes to school anyway that’s another thing,” Duvall said. “But why blatantly not observe it in that way?”

    Duvall has an eight-year-old at Catoosa.

    He says MLK Day should be observed for what it is, a holiday.

    “He was a hero,” Duvall said. “He speaks about equality, kindness, base things that I think every human being should believe in.”

    The Catoosa superintendent says the schools still honor Doctor King inside the classroom.

    She says because there is no school on Fridays, they just can’t observe every holiday.

    Even so, Duvall would like everyone to be on the same page.

    “It makes it fair across the board if everyone has to do it,” Duvall said.

    An Oklahoma senator has introduced a bill that would require schools not be in session on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

    If it passes, it would start next school year.

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