CDC: Backyard chickens to blame for Salmonella outbreak

Backyard chickens to blame for Salmonella outbreak. (KTUL)

Her name is Rinda Myers, but she's known around Tulsa as the local chicken expert.

"I'm kind of the chicken doctor for the Tulsa area," said Myers.

She's been breeding chickens for the past five years at her home in Coweta.

When she heard about a report on an outbreak of Salmonella she was curious.

When she heard the Centers for Disease Control blamed that outbreak on backyard chickens, she was a little upset.

"The risks are actually quite minimal," said Myers.

She says Salmonella is always a concern with backyard chickens, but it's a greater risk with factory farms where chickens are often crammed together.

"Lack of sunlight, lack of ventilation, a lack of cleanliness, those are huge risk factors for Salmonella, and you have those in the factory settings," said Myers.

Meyers said if you buy eggs from a backyard dealer, you shouldn't worry too much about Salmonella.

"If the eggs are kept clean, refrigerated, cook them thoroughly, you're not going to have any problems with Salmonella from backyard chicken eggs," said Myers.

To see the CDC's complete report on Salmonella and backyard chickens, click here.

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