8's the place archives: Could 'Plenty Scary Movie Night' make a comeback?

Plenty Scary Movie Night (KTUL)

Some lifelong fans remember how Channel 8 news used to scare them every Friday night. Luckily, those fans came across an old promo of ours that brought back a flood of memories and also could bring back a vintage tradition.

We all know that "8's the place" is far more than just a slogan, it is a phenomenon. Through the slew of promos that came out in the 70s, there was one promo that didn’t say the famous phrase, but still had quite the impact.

It was Channel 8’s "Scary Movie Friday Night," which aired every week at 11:30 p.m.

Scott Kinney fondly remembers.

"The angle of the TV to my bedroom was where I could actually see a part of the TV through the door. It was great because it was too scary I could retreat and close the door," said Kinney.

Scott and a group of fans met up at a vintage show to get their hands on some merchandise that certainly looks vintage, but is actually brand new.

"I wanted to watch the promo again so I go and watch it and for whatever reason it just dawned on me, I want a T-shirt. I’ve never seen one, they didn’t make it back in the day," said Tim Wright.

So, Tim and his friend Michael made one of their own.

"I wanted to incorporate what kind of encapsulated the sea and there’s parchment and the cleaver kind of finished it off and gave it it’s final touch," said Michael Ryan.

"Plenty Scary Movies" was not an idea unique to Tulsa. Our station general manager, Pat Baldwin, remembers watching them in Little Rock, Arkansas. He also is open to the idea of bringing back the old promo.

"We will look into it, I think we could probably do it once a quarter, on a Saturday night, I think it’s pretty doable," said Baldwin.

Nothing is set in stone, but we’re working out the details now on how we can bring some of those scary movies back.

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