Charles Sweeny weighs in on Constitutional Carry

    "People are not going to know the ins and outs and all the nuances of the law and they’re going to do something wrong and they’re gonna get in trouble."-Charles Sweeny, who defended his home with lethal force, on Constitutional Carry (Aranda/KTUL)<p>{/p}

    For most people, the topic of guns brings out an impassioned but academic argument, meaning most people haven't actually had to use one... most people.

    "First one, I put six slugs into his chest, he flew out my second story bedroom window, 11 days in the hospital and then I put him in prison for two years. And the second one, I shot him right through the heart," said Charles Sweeny.

    It was last November when Sweeny most recently used his handgun. So, what's his take on Constitutional Carry?

    "I’m slightly against it," he said.

    Sweeny's concern is that a lack of training requirements under Constitutional Carry could get people into tricky situations.

    "The Oklahoma Self-Defense Act, 40 pages of fine print," he said.

    That is what Sweeny took upon himself to learn to make sure he knew the rules of the road.

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    "I didn’t want to get into any trouble. I want to know what to do, what not to do under any circumstance," he said.

    And sure enough, in each instance he used his weapon, he did it by the book.

    "Both shootings, I cannot be prosecuted criminally, and I cannot be sued civilly," he said.

    His worry over Constitutional Carry....

    "People are gonna get in trouble over this," he said.

    And yet, he also views the bill as a deterrent to crime.

    "Oh, it’ll make things safer, this much is true. On balance, it’s good because the bad guys are not going to know if you or me or Joe Blow on the street is carrying a gun or not," he said.

    Constitutional Carry from the perspective of a person with first-hand experience of using a gun.

    "Be careful; become educated," he said.

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