Checotah assistant police chief in ICU after car accident

Checotah Assistant Police Chief in ICU

CHECOTAH, Okla. (KTUL) -- The Checotah Assistant Police Chief is in ICU after rolling his truck early Sunday morning.

Doctors have told Justin Durrett he is lucky to be alive.

Durrett was supposed to be at his second job Sunday morning but he never showed.

"I check my notifications and I had a message from him that said, 'Hey it is cold outside,' but that's when we knew he was on his way and something had happened," co-worker and friend Scotty Burge said.

A preliminary report says Durrett lost control of the truck. He was ejected as the truck rolled and then landed on top of him.

"He saw it coming down on him," Durrett's mom, Margaret Prokup said.

The report says Durrett was not wearing a seatbelt.

Prokup and her husband David thank God for Haskell County Deputy Misty Johnson.

"She doesn't usually go that way, but she went that way to check things out and she found his truck," Prokup said.

It was sitting in a field.

"He could hear her car radio and he was hollering, but she couldn't hear him but then she heard his phone ring," Prokup said. "She stayed with him because he was laying on the icy ground and she stayed with him until people got there."

Durrett has major gashes on his head, broken ribs, crushed vertebrae and his family says he still can't feel his feet, but today, friends, family and especially his two kids are just thankful he is still here.

"He is a very good dad and he loves them very much and he will fight to where he can take care of them," Prokup said.

The crowd of people at the hospital showed just how loved he really is.

"Justin is a wonderful guy, he is kindhearted, a good worker, he loves what he does and he just takes care of people," Durrett's girlfriend, Megan Andrews said.

Friends have set up a GoFundMe page for Durrett.

You can also donate directly to his bank: First Family Credit Union of Checotah.

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