Children who suffer from seizures become inspiration for new medical marijuana dispensary

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    COWETA, Okla. (KTUL) -- Inspired by their children, one couple is preparing to open a new medical marijuana dispensary.

    Lauren and Shawn Jenkins have four children, two suffer from brain abnormalities that cause seizures.

    Their children are the reason why they fought for 788 and will now open their own dispensary, FlowerCraft Co.

    “Early on when Lauren and I decided to try to cultivate and dispense medicine in this capacity the golden rule would be that it would have to be to a high enough standard that would be good enough for both of our children,” said Shawn.

    Their space is in the renovation process and so far will be the first dispensary in Coweta.

    Shawn and Lauren’s vision is what drew in Mario Garcia to become their director of dispensary operations.

    “It’s not about the money, it’s about the people,” he said.

    Joining the team as their cultivation manager, Matthew Tietz is dedicated to Shawn’s mission to provide a superior product.

    “We definitely want to set a standard and we want quality medicine to where if we want to give it to our kids we feel fine at the end of the day,” he said.

    FlowerCraft Co. will be located right off of the Creek Turnpike on Highway 51 which the Jenkins’ hope will attract even more people to the Coweta area.

    They bought the lot next door and hope to expand to create the “Flower District”. They want to make this a place for people who want to learn more about medical marijuana can visit.

    “We would like to raise this area up and infuse capital in this area so it’s more of a community,” said Shawn.

    They have many other goals.

    “Help take care of kids and the people who really need it and to fight for the people who can’t,” said Garcia.

    The Jenkins’ hope to open their dispensary within the next four months and expand their services to the lot next door as soon as possible.

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