Children's mother no longer administrator over Terence Crutcher's estate

A judge removed Frenchel Johnson, mother of three of Terence Crutcher's children, as the special administrator over his estate. An attorney has been named in the interim. (KTUL)

TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) -- The mother of Terence Crutcher's children will no longer serve as special administrator for Crutcher's estate.

Judge Kurt Glassco vacated his earlier appointment of Frenchel Johnson, mother of three of Crutcher's children, and appointed an attorney not previously involved in the case to serve in the interim.

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Friday's hearing was at the request of Crutcher's parents, Rev. Joey and Leanne Crutcher, who have custody of his children with Johnson. The Crutchers moved to have Johnson removed as administrator of the estate because they say she "failed to disclose to the court that she is a convicted felon," according to their filing, and that disqualifies her from being able to serve, pursuant to Oklahoma Statutes.

Johnson's attorney, Dan Smolen, says his client was Crutcher's common law wife for 16 years and is his rightful heir, but Crutcher's parents say that wasn't the case.

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Following the judge's decision, an attorney for the Crutcher family says they are pleased with the outcome of Friday's hearing and look forward to a future hearing on the matter of Johnson and Crutcher's relationship.

“We’re very happy with what the court decided today by vacating Ms. Johnson as the special administrator," said Demario Solomon-Simmons. "We think that’s the right decision. That’s what we came here to have happen. And we look forward to continuing to represent this family and these children to make sure they get justice and we’re looking forward to the hearing on the 25th so these children can begin to heal."

Johnson, who spoke publicly for the first time Friday, says she didn't "want it to have to come to this."

"Everybody's making it seem like it's over money and it's not over money," said Johnson. "I just feel that that's so wrong. I just want what's right for me and my kids. I'm not trying to cut his mom and dad out of anything. I never said that."

Johnson says she hasn't been able to mourn Crutcher's death and her children are confused.

"I haven't even got to be with my kids since he passed," said Johnson. "And I just feel that they're like telling my kids all this different stuff about me. And it's not right. I want to be with my kids."

The administrator for Crutcher's estate will ultimately gain control of a GoFundMe account that has raised more than $166,000 for his children. They will also have the ability to file a wrongful death suit against the City of Tulsa and the Tulsa Police Department.

Crutcher was shot and killed by Tulsa Police Officer Betty Shelby Sept. 16. She is charged with first-degree manslaughter.

Smolen says he has asked for an accounting of the GoFundMe money but has yet to receive it.

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"It is important for us to make sure that money is being spent on the estate," said Smolen.

The Crutcher family will meet Johnson in court Oct. 25 to discuss the nature of Johnson's relationship with Terence Crutcher and whether they were common law husband and wife.

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