Church steps up to help fight Tulsa's growing problem with homelessnes

    Church steps up to help fight Tulsa's growing problem with homelessness (KTUL)

    Hundreds of people live on the streets of Tulsa, and their numbers keep growing.

    But, there are organizations dedicated to giving them the support they need to get back on their feet.

    Thursday, Life Church stepped up in a big way to make that possible by donating a $30,000 to John 3:16 Mission.

    "Being able to see our giving in action, how God's using that is so powerful," said Life Church volunteer Justin Ellis.

    John 3:16 Mission helps not only make sure people and families have a roof over their head, but helps get tot he root of the issue for many addiction.

    "It's going to get bad enough in Tulsa, you can count on it getting bad enough this winter. They're going to want help. They're going to need help," said Rev. Steve Whitaker. "Homeless numbers are up, and the shelter is full. It's pretty cold and wet right now. So, people are struggling right now."

    Whitaker said the check will help before an even more difficult time for the homeless, the cold and holidays.

    "It's a huge cash infusion in the midst of a pretty dramatic time," said Whitaker. "It brings a great deal of confidence and helps me feel better about our position as we prepare for an important time, if not dramatic time for families that are still struggling in poverty."

    Ellis said he once struggled with addiction, and knows most of these at risk people just need support.

    "The only difference between why I didn't wind up on the streets versus why they did is because I had a support system to fall back on," said Ellis.

    This is Life Church and John 3:16 Mission's 7th year working together.

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