City debates proposed zoning code that would allow for wider driveways

The city is considering a proposal to increase the maximum width for a curb cut to 30 feet for a driveway. (Mummolo/KTUL)

"We think there's a safety issue for sure,"" said Larry Mitchell of the Tulsa Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee.

How wide is your driveway?

It's something you've probably never thought about, until the folks next door put in something larger than yours.

"It seems like that this style of large houses and large driveways does not match this part of town," said Mitchell.

Twenty foot curb cuts are the current maximum width allowed without getting a special exemption from the city, but the Home Builder Association would like to up that to thirty feet.

Tulsa city councilor Blake Ewing held a town hall to get input from residents.

"My constituents have given feedback to say they're frustrated about this or concerned about how this could affect their neighborhood," he said.

From the Home Builders Association: "This amendment would calculate measurements differently and allow for wider curb cuts on larger properties but narrower driveways on smaller properties. Our hope is to meet the consumer demand driven by projects like the Gathering Place and downtown Redevelopment, all while maintaining The Great Character and beauty of Tulsa," said a statement from Jeffrey Smith, Executive Vice President/CEO of the Tulsa Home Builders Association.

"We're just trying to figure out a solution that allows new homes to be built in a way and that protects historic neighborhoods," said Ewing.

Bridging the wide divide over driveway widths, and all the other issues come with it.

"The rights of the homeowner, the person that owns the property, and the rights of Tulsa at large," said Mitchell.

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