City leaders looking forward to future development in downtown Sapulpa

City leaders in Sapulpa are looking at new development to help spark downtown growth. (KTUL)

SAPULPA, Okla. (KTUL) -- City leaders in Sapulpa are looking at new development to help spark downtown growth.

Today a number of store fronts remain vacant downtown after several businesses moved to a new location.

City leaders say they know they have work to do to bring people in, but they say they’re already making progress.

It’s clear those in Sapulpa want a thriving downtown. But how to get there is a process.

“House tops bring retail," said City Manager Joan Riley.

It's a reality Mayor Reg Green and Riley are working to realize.

Despite the vacancies in buildings down Dewey Avenue the two say growth is imminent.

“You can’t drive any of our major roads without there being a construction site," said Riley.

A big part of that construction is thanks to a new company in town called Senegence. The owner is a Sapulpa native and has big plans downtown.

“It’s a game changer for Sapulpa. It’s a game changer for Oklahoma," said Riley.

Senegence has already purchased space in a number of buildings. Renovation is still going on to turn them into several businesses.

“We hope to have a micro hotel, apartments, upstairs living, as well as a restaurant, a bakery, an ice cream parlor," said Senegence Manager Ted Fisher.

The company also has the potential to bring in more than 2,500 jobs over time.

A big boost that could also help keep local dollars in town.

“As things are added, it’s going to be a great place to live," said Riley.

“We see local people every day and we get to make connections with them," said Leah Devore with Isabella's Collection.

The store is one downtown that is making it, an example of a business city leaders want to thrive.

And with the new retail on the way it seems things are looking up.

“Sapulpa is community of good hard working people," said Riley.

When those new retails stores can move downtown has not yet been announced because of construction.

Senegence also plans to open a 400-square-foot industrial building in Sapulpa within the month.

It could be adding 300 jobs in town.

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