Claremore residents shocked by prostitution arrest

Claremore police said Jiang offered and undercover officer a sexual act in exchange for money Thursday. (KTUL)

Chunlan Jiang is in a whole lot of trouble right now. Accused of solicitation of prostitution for one.

And because the massage parlor where she worked in Claremore is less than a thousand feet from a church, that charge becomes a felony.

Claremore police said Jiang offered an undercover officer a sexual act in exchange for money Thursday.

Mike Manlandro works just next door at JG Floors, just next door to the massage parlor.

"It seemed like a normal massage place," said Manlandro.

He said that feeling of normalcy wore off last summer when he noticed some customers weren't parking in front of the parlor.

"They would park next door and walk over. And we started noticing that and thought, something is different," said Manlandro.

Mike's not the only one who noticed something different about the massage parlor. Christina Burma works at Game Exchange, just across the street. She wasn't surprised when police showed up and arrested Jiang.

"Not at all. Honestly," said Burma. "I've been waiting for that place to get caught, just because you knew there was something odd about it."

Burma has lived in Claremore most of her life and said what police say Jiang did doesn't usually happen in here.

"Not what you'd expect for a small town like this," said Burma.

Same goes for Manlandro.

"This is not what happens in Claremore. We're a nice, little town," said Manlandro.

Both Manlandro and Burma said they'll be glad when the Bamboo Massage Parlor fades from the headlines.

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