Claremore restaurant offers jobs to fired employees from "IDC" bar and grill

CLAREMORE, Okla., (KTUL) -- An anonymous restaurant in Claremore is hoping to hire a few employees fired from a Catoosa restaurant after not showing up to work.

The story is gaining national attention after the decision was made to fire the employees who claimed they were supporting a “Day Without Immigrants.’

The restaurant wanting to remain anonymous is trying to hire at least three of those workers who were let go.

But the move to hire, along with the original firing of the men, is causing mixed reactions.

After getting fired Friday from ‘I Don’t Care' bar and grill‘ in Catoosa for not showing up to work, 12 employees are looking for a job.

One they might soon land in Claremore.

When [they] didn’t show, owner Bill McNally instead let them go through a text message.

The message read, "You and your family are fired. I hope you enjoyed your day off and you can enjoy many more. love you.

It’s a decision gaining national attention.

“It’s not fair to not show up to work just on a regular day, but I feel like what they did was right," said Claremore resident Tyler Robbins.

“I think they should have got fired," said Claremore resident Colter Smith.

The Claremore restaurant asked not to be identified. Managers reached out hoping to fill at least three openings in their kitchen.

The management admitted they want to remain anonymous with so much focus on the topic of immigration.

“I think Claremore should hire them and give them a chance," said Robbins.

Many like Robbins and Smith in Claremore today believe the firing was justified but split on whether or not [they] should be re-hired.

Others like resident John Butler believe the firing was meant to send a message.

Despite "I Don’t Care’s" no call/no show policy, Butler believes the employees should have been given another chance.

“You have to get two no call/no show’s in a row before you’re fired," said Butler.

Friends of the fired employees say three of the twelve employees fired are still in need of a job.

But so far it’s unclear if they have officially offered the job and hired by the restaurant in Claremore.

So far one other restaurant, Brownie’s Hamburgers in Tulsa, has also offered the fired employees jobs.

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