Claremore teachers prepare for active shooter

Claremore teachers prepare for active shooter (KTUL)

Teachers from Justus-Tiawah School in Claremore faced off with deputies Thursday for active shooter training.

Teachers were separated into groups, sent to classrooms and waited for the scenarios to begin.

The attacks were sudden and loud.

Deputies shot soft, toy-sized balls at the teachers, while another deputy fired a real AR-15 gun filled with blanks in the back.

The scenarios changed, but the feelings of real danger never did.

"It's kind of scary, just to hear the loudness of the bullets going off," said eighth grade teacher Kellie Hibbard.

After each scenario, deputies asked a few questions about what they may have done right or wrong.

It's training for a new type of danger.

School Principal Ed Crum wishes no school had to do this kind of training.

"But it's absolutely necessary in today's day and age," he said.

Deputies hope to continue this training at other schools in the future.

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