Coalition of medical professionals, law enforcement filed papers to oppose SQ 788

Coalition of medical professionals, law enforcement filed papers to oppose SQ 788 (KOKH/FILE)

A broad-ranging coalition of medical professionals, law enforcement officials, business leaders and members of the faith community filed papers Tuesday to formally oppose State Question 788 in hopes of defeating it.

"This state question is NOT about Medical Marijuana," campaign chairman Dr. Kevin Taubman said in a statement. "This question is too broad and does NOT have the support of the medical community."

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"When you look past the ballot title and into the details of the question, you see many problems," Pawnee County Sheriff Mike Waters said. "This state question creates a special class of citizen out of those who obtain a medical marijuana license. It does not make sense that an 18-year-old can go to a veterinarian, say he gets headaches, and then be given a two-year license to carry enough marijuana for 85 joints."

The state question is worded in a way that prohibits municipalities, landlords, employers and schools from regulating the activity of medical marijuana license holders, the coalition stated.

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If this question passes, some say a college could not keep a license holder from smoking and growing marijuana in a dorm room. They say onen couldn't stop someone renting a hotel room from using marijuana as the smoke free policy only applies to tobacco.

"This is not a debate about whether or not marijuana has medicinal benefits. In fact, members of our coalition are not unanimous in opposition to all medical marijuana laws, but we all believe SQ 788 is NOT medical and encourage our fellow Oklahomans to vote No on 788," Taubman said.

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