Collinsville little league concession stands vandalized

Police have collected evidence, but so far, no one has been caught. (KTUL)

COLLINSVILLE, Okla. (KTUL) -- Two little league concession stands were damaged by vandals in Collinsville over the weekend.

”They took a hammer and beat the hinges off that lock right there, and they got in through this door," said little league director Josh Walker. “It just sets us back a bit from the things that matter like getting these fields ready."

The damage is immediately apparent; there were trash bags ripped apart and an imprint of the hammer used on the door is still visible.

“We found out they set off the fire extinguisher in here and just blew it all over everything," said Walker.

Explicit images were spray painted on the walls and beside a student’s name on the ground.

They also left their footprints inside the concession stand.

Mickey Eklund coaches the little league soccer club in Collinsville. He believes the same vandals broke in through the back wall, damaging the inside of his concession stand.

“We’re going to have to fix the doors; that is a huge expense for a small club to do," said Eklund.

Neither stand has surveillance cameras, but that could change, especially if this doesn’t stop.

"Just the thought that you can fix all this and then it can happen again," said Eklund.

Police have collected evidence, but so far, no one has been caught.

We tracked down the mother of the student whose name was spray painted.

She says her son has been the target of bullies recently, and neither she nor the baseball coach believes he’s involved.

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