Community coming together to help Yocham Custom Leather

Community coming together to help Yocham Custom Leather (KTUL)

Looking at what's left of the legendary Yocham Custom Leather, it's filled with devastation. Several fire departments responded but more than half the store burned, causing thousands of dollars in damage.

"We've had to inventory and make a list of purses to dishes," said family member Rikki Yocham-Sydebotham. "There was some stuff that was melted; we didn't know what it was."

The store was struck by lightning Tuesday morning.

But Wednesday isn't a day to get emotional about it. Instead, it's a day of overwhelming kindness.

"I got down here as quick as I could and just kind of got to work," said volunteer Taylor Richey.

The community is coming together, all in the name Yocham. Friends, neighbors and even strangers are delivering dump trucks, fixing the roof and cleaning up rubble to help this family in need.

"We're better together," said Yocham-Sydebotham. "The community is showing so much love and support for my mom and dad."

"The Yocham's are really important to this community," said April Tinsely with Happy Hill Church.

Happy Hill Church is collecting donations for the Yocham's as they work to rebuild.

"Knowing their resilience, it's just great to see people rally around them," said Tinsely.

Yocham's will stay open; they will continue to make custom saddles for the community.

They plan to rebuild parts of the store that were lost, bigger and stronger than before.

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