Community expresses concern over levees

Upwards of 10,000 people affected and billions of dollars of damage could be the result of the levee system failing. (Clemmer/KTUL)

From a few hundred feet in the air, the levees look fine, but in reality…

"Oh they're in bad, bad, bad shape," said Charlie Pratt.

"When I was doing levee inspection with the corps of engineers back in the 80's they needed repair work then," he said.

What would happen if Tulsa had another 1986 flood?

"So if the levees breached or failed, those areas that you see in blue would be underwater," said Pratt.

"This would be where New Block park is, and again I said Charles Page boulevard runs through here, this is all under water if we get a flood that's only 12 % more than what we had in the '86," said Bob Jackman.

And what if Tulsa was hit with a Houston like event, a 500 year flood?

"A flood of that magnitude would affect 10,000 people," said Jackman.

"So we're seeing from about 34th street south on Peoria completely down to the end of Peoria would be flooded, underwater, then you've got all this whole area, all the way down to Bixby," he said.

Are we rolling the dice right now? "Yes. And every time you roll them sooner or later you're going to hit the magic number, right?" said Pratt.

"We need brand new ones built, cause these are old and obsolete," said Jackman.

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