Community outraged after Vietnam tank destroyer tire goes missing

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BRISTOW, Okla. (KTUL) -- There is outrage after a Vietnam War memorial at the Bristow VFW was vandalized.

Members of the post say a tire is missing from a large tank destroyer.

History is preserved in Bristow, and the town would like to keep it that way.

"It’s an M60 Patton tank," said Daniel Harris.

It was used in the Vietnam War and is now resting at VFW post 3656.

“I think the year this was made was back in 1964," said Harris, but all these years later, Sergeant Daniel Harris says it’s missing one of its tires.

“This has been sitting here for decades," said Harris, and he thinks more than one person was involved.

"It's not an easy process; a single person, they're going to be working on it all night long," said Harris.

They say they only recently realized it was missing, and they have no idea who would've done this.

Unfortunately, there's no security footage, which is why they’re counting on the community.

“I feel like someone knows something, and they might just get the word out," said post commander Ralph Barnett.

Post Commander Barnett says he's looked at the tank many times and just never realized the tire was gone.

“We know it’s been missing awhile, it’s just not noticeable, one of those little things," said Barnett.

Over the years, the post has collected several military relics, paying tribute to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

“This is not only a monument, but it could also be a resting place for those who died," said Harris, a resting place they just want to keep safe and secure.

“What I would like, what we would like, is for someone to just return this," said Harris.

An invaluable piece of history missing.

Harris says whoever stole the tire doesn’t have to come forward, they simply would like it dropped off at the police station or the post.

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