Community reacts to minor explosion inside Fort Gibson post office

Community reacts to explosion inside Fort Gibson post office (KTUL)

An explosion at a post office has rattled the town of Fort Gibson.

It wasn’t a major blast but it still has people spooked.

From the outside it looks like your normal post office, but step inside and it’s a different story.

“It felt like an earthquake or an explosion of some sort," said Jordan Pollard.

Jordan Pollard was sitting outside when a package, recently dropped off, blew up inside the Fort Gibson post office.

“But I didn’t hear the ground rattle or anything," said Pollard.

The minor explosion damaged a portion of the post office, forcing them to close their doors for the day.

Yellow caution tape was wrapped around the doors and walls.

“Fort Gibson is a small town and you would never think something like that would happen like this," said Pollard.

Postal inspectors say this was an isolated incident, that’s not the result of an explosive device.

It’s definitely an unusual incident that the police say they don’t normally see.

“Yes this is one of those things that’s out of the ordinary for us," said Sergeant Joe Roberts.

Sergeant Joe Roberts says his department is assisting the ATF and Oklahoma Highway Patrol with the investigation.

“Quite a few, it’s a joint effort," said Roberts.

All hoping to find out how this could have happened.

“You never know what’s going to happen these days," said Pollard.

No one was hurt during the blast.

Despite today's events, the mail room remains open and you can still expect your mail to be delivered like normal.

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