Controversy surrounds Hilldale teacher's resignation

After 20 years Krystal Cox resigned, leaving her classroom without a teacher. (KTUL)

Some people, like Krystal Cox, have always known what they wanted to be.

"I've wanted to be a teacher since I was in kindergarten," said Cox.

After 20 years on the job, she still loves going to work.

"I love every student I've ever taught," said Cox.

But just last week Cox suddenly resigned, leaving a classroom full of second graders at Hilldale Elementary in Muskogee without a teacher.

A decision she said wasn't easy to make.

"Because, I know my students need me. They're missing out right now, and I'm missing out on things with them. And it just breaks my heart," said Cox.

Because of the nature of what happened, Cox said she can't talk details.

By law, school officials couldn't talk about the case either, but they said this is one of those times where they wish they could. Because so many lives were affected and the details are complicated.

Parents like Joey Myers think they know exactly why Cox resigned.

"From what my son has told me, there's many problems in the class with a certain child," said Myers.

Myers said the child in question has verbally abused not only Cox but other students on several occasions and just recently choked Cox by twisting her necklace hard enough to leave a mark.

Other parents tell us the boy, who may have mental health issues, also exposed himself to other students.

But Myers said because the boy has special needs the school cannot simply take him out of class. And he said the school isn't to blame.

Instead, he said state and federal laws are keeping administrators from taking action.

"The school and the administration's hands are tied. Their hands are truly tied," said Myers.

Meanwhile, Cox is hoping for the best but looking to the future.

"If things aren't rectified, and I can't come back to Hilldale, then I will be looking for another teaching job," said Cox.

School officials said Cox is an outstanding teacher and they're working overtime to remedy the situation.

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