Corporation Commission to shut down wells in response to Pawnee earthquakes


The Oklahoma Corporation Commission has ruled to shut down more wells in the Pawnee area in response to a recent swarm of earthquakes.

Corporation Commission spokesman Matt Skinner reports their Oil and Gas Division released a plan to cease operations or reduce volumes for 38 Arbuckle disposal wells.

The three-area plan calls for all wells within six miles of the epicenter of Tuesday's 4.3 magnitude earthquake to cease operations. All wells within 10 miles must reduce volume by 25 percent of their last 30-day average. All those within 15 miles are limited in volume to their last 30-day average.

Fifteen of the wells in the area were shut in by the OCC during a Sept. 3 directive following a 5.8 earthquake in the area.

The new directive will shut in four Arbuckle disposal wells and will reduce 10 wells by 25 percent in volume.

The EPA has directed 26 Arbuckle wells to limit volume to their 30-day average in Osage County.

Here is a list of all wells impacted by the directive:

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