Could a second teacher walkout be on the horizon?

Could a second teacher walkout be on the horizon? (KTUL)

It's been six weeks since the massive teacher walkout came to an abrupt end, leaving many people now wondering what to do next.

"Where do we go from here?" asked Jenks teacher Deanna Tirrell.

At Fellowship Congregational Church Thursday evening, there was a packed house of political passion.

"We haven't taken the steps to bring people together to understand how to act together," said Tirrell.

"I just want to keep the fire going," said parent Rev. Evan Taylor.

The veto referendum initiative for SQ 799, which would kill tax hikes that fund teacher pay raises, might be the extinguisher no one saw coming.

"I think teachers feel pretty confident that the Coburn referendum is going to be dead on arrival," said Tulsa teacher Larry Cagle.

But what if it's not and voters actually pass it? Another walkout could be in the cards for Oklahoma teachers.

"If it needs to be, it will happen again," said Tulsa teacher Heather Cody.

"Teachers will walk out again," said Cagle.

And if they do, they'll have Taylor's support.

"I'm 100 percent for it. These teachers work tirelessly for our children," he said.

Walkout version 2.0, a possibility that could make for a very interesting August.

"This time we will not return until full funding is restored," said Cagle.

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